The used car which I attract in Uganda

I worked after graduation from university in the travel agency in Kampala, but Japan Association of Travel seminar hosted by Agents was held in Tokyo in 1995 and visited Japan for study of the management for the first time. It was a 10-day stay, but the Japanese who got to know invited you with "do you not do the work of the car in Japan because you were still young and could do anything from now on?." then.
Because I was very popular, and the Japanese used car ran a lot in the Kampala city, in Uganda, I was interested in the Japanese invitation. In 1996 of the next year, I withdrew a deposit and visited Japan counting on the Japanese who got to know again then.
The Japanese car is high-performance, and even a used car can run still more. In addition, I just get on in Uganda because Japanese written on the body is cool without almost deleting a letter.
The Japanese of the acquaintance cooperated and began work to export used cars to Uganda, and to sell, but Japanese economic conditions changed when I grazed it for several years, and there can be the things that a Japanese did not buy a new car too much, and what exported used cars became difficult first.